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Baptism Check-List

(Baptismal Brings About New Life in Christ)

When and Where to Meet:

Arrive at least 30 minutes before the baptismal service starts (e.g.12:30 p.m. if scheduled for the 1:00 p.m. service). Meet in the lounge area in the lower fellowship hall.  Someone from the baptism team will meet you there and give you further instructions.

What to Bring:

  • Undergarments and socks (if appropriate) for after your baptism

  • Everything you need to get ready (brush/comb, hair products, etc.)

  • A plastic bag to place your wet clothes/towel in

What to Wear and Not Wear:

  • Males: black T-shirt (no writing), black boxer style underpants or black long john pants, and white socks.

  • Females: black bra, black panties, black T-shirt (no writing), black leggings (not necessary if wearing a black slip), a black slip (not necessary if wearing leggings), and white socks.

It is very important that clothes are dark and appropriate enough to not cause any embarrassment.


Do not wear any jewelry except your wedding ring.

What Will Happen:

You will be greeted by a member of the baptism team and they will provide you some brief instructions and a baptismal robe.  Females will be given a bathing cap to use.  At this time you are ready to change into the baptism garment.  Take all personal belongings out of the restroom and give to the baptismal team member to keep for you during the service.  


After you are dressed the Pastor/Minister baptizing you will meet you and give you final instructions. Because baptism is a public profession of faith, the Pastor/Minister baptizing you during the service may ask you why you are being baptized today.     


When you are being baptized, bend your knees like you are sitting in a chair.  The Pastor/Minister will lower you and then dip you the last little bit under the water. Do not lean straight back. This makes it very difficult for us to raise you out of the water, and may cause you to slip.


After your baptism, you will dry off and change your clothes in the restroom.  All hair, make -up, etc. will be done there as well. The same member of the baptism team will be available to help you after your baptism.


Give the wet garments (baptismal robe and shower cap) to your baptismal team member.

Parents of Younger Children:

For safety, we do ask for ONE parent to accompany younger children while they are changing their clothes.  All others should view the baptism from the sanctuary. Pictures/videos are allowed to be taken during the worship service.  

If you have last minute changes or questions, please contact:

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