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True Gospel Baptist Church

To Be A Church That Worships Him In Spirit And In Truth - John 4:24

Our vision


What can I expect when I visit True Gospel Baptist Church (TGBC)?

We want you to feel at home. The True Gospel greeters will welcome you to God’s church and sanctuary. We want you to feel the warm, family friendly feeling that invites all to worship. In our efforts to keep a record of our visitors, we would request that you sign a guest card that an usher will hand you. We want to assure you that we do not sell or distribute the personal information that you share with us. However, our church may use that information to express our thanks for your visit and to express our love to you as a Christian community.
We look forward to meeting you in person soon!

What should I wear?

Please avoid all offensive or suggestive clothing. All we are asking is that you come to worship Him in spirit and in truth with all your heart. 

How do I get there?

We are Metro accessible, located 3 blocks away from the U Street/African-Amer Civil War Memorial/Cardozo Metro station. 



Free parking is available in our lot adjacent to the church and on the street. Please obey all parking signs.

Are all people welcome at TGBC?

We are true believers in the Word and open our hearts to those who seek the Lord. We won’t turn anyone away but our direction, our walk, our worship and our works are spirit led by God.  We seek to open up the hearts and minds of others to embrace Jesus Christ and to forego the sins of this world.

What does TGBC offer children and youth?

We are committed to ministering to children and youth. We offer Sunday School classes, Youth Chorus and our youth take part in our worship services. One of our key goals is to minister to the young at heart. We plan outings and other activities for our youth. Children of all ages are welcome in our service.

How can I become a member of TGBC?

After the sermon and during the Invitation to Christian Discipleship, this invitation is extended to you if you are in need of a church home, a member of another church in search for a new church home, or someone who is temporarily living away from their church home and want to affiliate with us while you are living here (another name is watch care). An Associate Minister and Deacon will escort you to the Deacons office for further exchange of information. You will be asked some questions.  All persons with a desire to become a member must complete a series of four new member classes. After completion, you will be baptized if you are a new person joining the church for the first time. For others joining us from another church, have been baptized before, or temporarily away from their home church may join based on their Christian experience. After completion of the new members' class and/or baptism, you will then be introduced before the congregation and assigned a Deacon. The assigned Deacon is your point of contact during your spiritual growth at True Gospel.

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